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Did you know that there are 29 types of coffee drinkers in the world? And yeah, you’re one of them.

Interesting facts about Kopi Luwak

Did you know that caffeine is one of the most commonly consumed drugs in the world?

The world’s most expensive coffee

KKopi Luwak is the world’s rarest and most expensive gourmet coffee collected from the droppings of wild civet.
nown for its exquisite aroma and subtle taste, it is liked by connoisseurs worldwide. To learn about the history of this exotic coffee.

Superior civet coffee from sumatra and java islands

sidelineThere are two key reasons why our civet coffee beans are superior to all other kopi luwak vendors. First, we harvest our crops in the natural sandy soils of Southern Sumatra and Central Java islands– these are the best places for coffee plantation in the world. Second, our beans come from wild civets that gorge on the ripest and luscious berries in the surroundings and produces quality kopi afterdaylong fermentation in their stomach acid. To know the differences between real and fake kopi luwak.

Facts about our civet coffee

100% Organic Coffee Beans

We never use fertilizers or chemicals to increase our coffee plantation. Our cherries are grown in the high-altitude regions of Sumatra and Java islands of about 1000-2000 metres. Our crops are harvested and grown on hundreds of acres of land, which is influenced by sandy soil and breezy climate. There are more than one thousand civets prowling on our coffee plantation. Unlike caged civets, these mammals thrive on 100% natural diet,which truly reflects in the taste of our beans.

Trusted by Kopi lovers Worldwide

At Coffee roasters direct, we are the world’s leading supplier of original Kopi Luwak. We bring to your homes the very best of Arabica coffee beans harvested in the high altitude regions of Sumatra and Java islands. One reason why most gourmet addicts purchase from us is because our beans are real and original. Every cup of our civet coffee is a perfect espresso that truly reflects the taste of original wild-collected civet bean.

Fresh High Quality Kopi Beans

As direct sellers of premium kopi luwak, we ensure that our beans are tested and packed fresh just minutes before shipment. So what you get is high quality kopi that is rich in taste and flavor; it can be a perfect companion for any coffee lover. The subtle taste and quality of our coffee comes as a result of extensive processing techniques. To learn about our processing techniques.

For the Health-Conscious Coffee Drinkers

In addition to taste, coffee addicts consume kopi luwak for its range of health benefits. You will be surprised to learn that this sparsely manufactured coffee can reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders, skin diseases, and gallstone diseases when consumed regularly. Ever wondered a coffee can offer so many health benefits? To know more about the health benefits of kopi luwak.

Trusted by Kopi lovers Worldwide
Fresh High Quality Kopi Beans
For the Health-Conscious Coffee Drinkers

Kopi Luwak Coffee

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