About Us

Animal Coffee is the authentic supplier of Premium kopi luwak, which is the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee made from the droppings of Asian Palm civet. Located in Indonesia, we have been growing, harvesting, and supplying organic kopi luwak for years. Our aim is to serve the needs of coffee connoisseurs who crave to enjoy the real taste of the world’s most expensive coffee from the original source. Our coffee plants are grown on the mineral-rich soils of Sumatra, Bali, and Java where wild civets prowl freely and munch on the ripest and luscious berries in the surroundings. The luwak scats (dung of wild civet cats) are collected, processed and offered directly through our site, and there is no intermediate party involved. 

The true aromatic flavor of the exotic brew produced by Animal Coffee is something that has continued to fascinate coffee connoisseurs worldwide. Our overseas market includes regular customers from United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada.

Why Us?

Every bean is real

Kopi beans that you get from Animal Coffee are original and come with the best taste and flavor. From farm to packaging, we supervise every single process carefully and ensure that every bean is real. We also do Premium Grade and Taste tests on every package to ensure that our customers get original Kopi Luwak coffee.

Freshly packed beans

As passionate coffee drinkers ourselves, we know coffee tastes best only when it is fresh. All our Kopi Luwak beans are packed just minutes before shipment so that the freshness and aroma of the coffee stays and reflects on every sip of it.

No animal cruelty

We would like to make one thing very clear. Farmed or caged civets can never produce quality kopi luwak. These days, most suppliers have started farming civet cats to produce low-grade kopi luwak, purely for their monetary benefits. Farmed civets are kept in small cages and force-fed with berries in appalling conditions, which only leads to inferior kopi luwak. Moreover, they suffer from frequent health problems and cannot produce the best coffee beans. Only wild civets which thrive on natural diet in the healthiest of environments can produce the finest and flavor some Kopi Luwak.

Animal Coffee gives you 100% organic kopi luwak, which can be a good espresso after a meal for any coffee lover. Perhaps, you can compare our kopi luwak with the ones that are manufactured by others and see the difference for yourself.

As a coffee lover, you deserve original, high-quality Kopi Luwak and that’s what we offer.


Kopi Luwak Coffee

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