1. Do all kopi Luwak taste the same?

Absolutely not! The best coffee comes from the best place. Kopi Luwak prepared from the droppings of wild civets are considered the best, and not the ones that come from farmed civets. The process by which they are made also makes a big difference in terms of taste and quality.

2. Kopi luwak comes from the dung of civets. Is it really safe for human consumption?

It is has been scientifically proved that kopi luwak is not harmful to humans. People have been consuming kopi luwak since ages without complaining. Thorough washing and cleaning process make sure that the presence of pathogenic organisms is greatly reduced from the beans. Further processes such as roasting and brewing ensure improved hygiene of the beans.

3. Is there any difference between Robusta and Arabica coffee?

Robusta is a common coffee plant that grows at low altitudes of around 200-800 meters in the Sumatra islands. On the other hand, Arabica is a rare plant that grows in higher altitudes of around 800-2000 meters in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia. Both have low caffeine concentration; however the latter is considered to be superior in taste and flavor than the former and is widely preferred by coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

4. May I know how long does roasted kopi luwak remains fresh?

Just like any other type of coffee, roasted kopi luwak stays fresh for about four to eight weeks after which it starts deteriorating.

5. Please provide some tips on how to store my kopi

Coffee loses its freshness when it’s exposed to heat, light, oxygen, and moisture. We suggest you keep your kopi luwak in glass-made air-tight containers.

Ideally, it’s good to store grinded kopi for about four to seven days.

6. What is the reason for the exorbitant price tag of this cat poo coffee?

Its rarity, taste, and health benefits make it an expensive beverage. It is so rare that the estimated annual production of kopi is only around 700 kg.

7. Where to buy Kopi Luwak?

You can purchase kopi luwak from any certified retailer. We are authenticated dealers who sell original high-quality kopi luwak. For more details, please click here.


Kopi Luwak Coffee

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