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Did you know that there are 29 types of coffee drinkers in the world? And yeah, you’re one of them.

Coffee flower to cherries

Just like any other coffee, kopi begins its life as a fragrant white flower, and then turns into glass marble-sized green cherries where each cherry consists of a couple of coffee beans. Months later, the fruits turn ripe and appear as beautiful darkish-red cherries that are good to be harvested or eaten.

The animal process

This is an interesting phase. Civets love to eat seasonal fruits. When the cherry season begins, they don’t miss to crunch on delicious red cherries. Coffee cherry formsan important part of Luwak’s diet during this time. The civet prowls along coffee plantations during the night and munches on the ripest, juiciest berries while ignoring the not-so-tasty ones. The digestive process lasts about 24 hours during which the seeds remain soaked in the Luwak’s stomach acid. A few changes take place– the fleshy fruit of the cherry is digested, the seed is left undigested, the protein content of the undigested seed is broken down and expelled out. The result of the dropping is what we see as darkish brown coffee seeds popularly called the “kopi luwak,” that is formed after cleaning and roasting.

Taking the good stuff

While the animal process involves altering of taste and excretion, human process involves cleaning, selecting, washing, roasting, and packaging.



Wegather the Luwak feces and discard the unwanted layers that surround the green beans.



The green beans are washed thoroughly and allowed to dry well under sunlight. This removes the humidity from the beans and makes them ideal to be stored in containers or hessian sacks before they are roasted into Premium Kopi Luwak beans.



To ensure that our consumers get fresh Premium Kopi Luwak, we prefer to pack the beans only after we receive the order. The beans are packed in special air-tight bags, and shipped to customers.



Our experts hand-pick the best beans, while ignoring the smaller beans and tiny stones that may be present along with. We try and ensure that the best beans are sent for washing.



Roasting influences the taste, color, aroma, flavor and thus overall quality of the coffee. We ensure that Kopi beans are roasted under the best conditions, so that our customers get the best quality. 

Roasting is done at a temperature range of 220⁰ C to 230⁰ C, and it brings about a great alteration in the bean's quality and quantity. During this process, the oil and sugar content are greatly reduced; the bean loses its humidity and gains in size. We observe that almost 20% of the beans’overall weight is lost during this process. Furthermore, the sugar, protein, acid, and fat content of the bean are also greatly altered under such high temperature ranges. 

Just like any other coffee seed, Kopi Luwak is also medium-roasted, so its enhanced flavors that were acquired in the previous processes are retained.

Whether you are looking for a quality-rich gift for a coffee connoisseur or want to taste something special, a pack of Premium Kopi Luwak might be the right choice for you.


Kopi Luwak Coffee

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